Are You Trying to Sell Meat Products to a Vegetarian Restaurant?

Internet guru Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame uses the expression “you can’t sell steak to a vegetarian”. Years ago I would use a similar phrase training my reps from wasting too much time with the wrong “Mr. Right”: Do not waste your time and effort trying to sell meat products to a vegetarian restaurant”.

Let me explain. Suppose you owned a meat wholesaling company. You have a meeting with all of your sales people and tell them about an idea that you had during the night to expand your customer base by selling your various meat products to all of the vegetarian restaurants in your city.

You pass out special pricing for your entire product line to encourage the vegetarian restaurants to select your company as their meat supplier. Your sales people hit the road and make their sales calls.

That night, they return to the office. Discouraged would be an understatement. None of the restaurants would become customers (not even with your special discounted rates). A few of them may have even tossed out your sales reps because of the “evil” meat products they represented.

Any marketing person would tell you that you violated the first marketing commandment: Know Thy Market. You could keep chasing that vegetarian restaurant but they will never, ever buy your meat products.

So often I would see network marketers – even my own team members – trying to promote their business (think meat product) to prospects (think vegetarian restaurants) who, quite frankly, are not the least bit interested. I would tell them to cut their loses and do not waste any more time with that prospect.

Most times they would not listen and keep hammering away trying to wear down the prospect into joining their business. And even if the disinterested prospect joined their business, what exactly could be expected of them besides wasting even more of their sponsor’s time in attempting to train and support them?

I once heard a statement which has an application to this: “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” Who said no to one of your offers? Did you keep on chasing or did you move on?

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Is Thailand A Good Place For Vegetarians?

Thailand is known for a great variety of delicious tropical fruits, and when you go to a Thai market, they are bursting with piles of colorful fruits and vegetables. But few vegetarians, if any, live off fruits alone. There is such a thing as a fruitarian, but this is on the extreme side of vegetarianism, and very few people try to follow such a diet for an extended period of time.

The availability of produce in Thailand is definitely a plus for vegetarians. However there is another side to the story. Although most people assume that all vegetarians are very health conscious, this is not necessarily so. India is one good example. There are many millions of vegetarians in India, but there is lots of white sugar, white rice, heavy milk products, sweets and deep fried food in their diet. Many Indian vegetarians are seriously overweight.

But let’s focus on health conscious vegetarians/vegans who prefer whole grains, nuts and seeds, avoid fried foods, and shun sugary foods. Here we run into our first challenge in Thailand. Unless you live in a major city like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, your choices are rather limited. Let’s say you like a variety of nuts and seeds and whole grains. In most parts of Thailand you will be limited to brown rice and cashew nuts.

If you go out to eat at a restaurant, you will have to fight a regular battle of telling the waiter that you don’t want MSG and fish sauce in your food. If you don’t mention it, you will get it in most dishes, guaranteed. Actually two of the first phrases I learned when I came to Thailand were “don’t put MSG in my food” and “don’t put fish sauce in my food”.

The other issue is that cooking vegetables in Thailand generally means to fry them in the cheapest oil available. Much of Thai food can be on the greasy side for health conscious vegetarians. If you look at any Thai menu, there is always a long list of fried foods. The alternative is a number of soups which often do not really correspond to our western idea of a real meal.

The Thais are very proud of their spicy food. Most dishes are liberally laced with hot chilis. If you ask a Thai waiter if the food is spicy, their usual answer is “a little bit”. The correct translation is that it might burn a hole in your tongue if you are not used to spicy food. Even if you tell a waiter that you don’t want any chili in your food at all, they will still put some in it since they cannot imagine cooking without it. Your “not spicy at all” request is interpreted as you wanting only half as much chili in your meal.

If you live in a major tourist center you will find restaurants with quite a few vegetarian options. The best city for vegetarians in Thailand is Chiang Mai which boasts dozens of vegetarian restaurants. Even most non-vegetarian restaurants will have a number of vegetarian options on the menu. Chiang Mai is the New Age capital of Thailand with lots of courses in various massage modalities, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, Qigong, energy work and plenty of others.

The best island for vegetarians is Ko Phangan which has also developed into a major center for yoga, massage and various spiritual practices. Since a high percentage of the western visitors who practice yoga either are vegetarians or like to eat vegetarian meals, many restaurants on Ko Phangan have adapted to this trend and offer a good variety of veggie food.

But here is the challenge. If you are a health conscious vegetarian/vegan and you travel around in Thailand outside of the above mentioned places, you will often have a hard time finding decent vegetarian food. In many restaurants they will look at you incredulously and tell you that they cannot come up with any vegetarian food. But more often than not, they will tell you that they have vegetarian food. However it is always the same dish: white rice with fried vegetables.

This can get old very fast. Your main choices in most restaurants are white noodles with fried vegetables and white rice with fried vegetables, laced with MSG and fish sauce unless you make it clear that you don’t want it. Most Thai restaurants have endless pages of dishes on their menus, but the vegetarian choices are mostly limited to the above two items.

If you browse around in the markets, you can often find some vegetarian snacks or sweets. Markets can often be better choices than restaurants, but unless you speak some Thai it will often be impossible to determine what it is that you are looking at.

Eating well as a vegetarian in Thailand is easiest in places like the city of Chiang Mai or the island of Ko Phangan. If you travel or live outside of such places, you will not find it so easy as a health conscious vegetarian. But at least you will generally find lots of great fruits. One good word to know is the Thai word for “vegan”: it is “jeh”, pronounced somewhat like the English name “Jay”.

Vegetation and Vegan Montreal – Selecting Vegetarian Restaurants in Montreal

If you are like most vegetarians with family and kids then finding a family friendly restaurant can be quite a challenging task for you. Especially when you are new to a place, you would not know much about the eateries there. However, few options will always be there. When you are planning your trip to Montreal, you won’t find it difficult to get vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarian options are found in several restaurants. There are a good number of quality vegetarian restaurants in Montreal serving a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from.

If you are like those vegetarians those who are choosy and picky about foods, then you need not worry. For people with picky eating habits, it is common to turn up foods which are not familiar too. Fortunately, people working in a vegetarian restaurant know this and keep an eye on detail. While you are in Montreal, you will find most vegetarian restaurant offering you creative vegetarian dishes which won’t bore you. Here are three most popular vegetarian/ vegan restaurants in Montreal, offering their specialties. Discover the best of vegetarian Montreal selecting any one of them.


Location: 4088 Saint-Dennis, Montreal, Quebec

Chuchai is a vegetarian Thai restaurant located in Saint Denis, Montreal. This Thai restaurant ranks among the finest Thai restaurants in Montreal serving fine vegetarian Thai cuisine that chiefly means delicious but not cheap.

Being in service for years now, ChuChai enjoys a good following. Thanks to their list of delectable Thai curries with are served with the vegetarian wheat or the soy based beef, shrimp, chicken and the duck alternatives.

The list of food items you find on the menu are high in protein, delicious and low in cholesterol. There are about 95 inventive vegetarian menus on list. All in all, it’s quite an attainment. The entrees served at ChuChai generally runs in between $8 -$25. Try the duck salad and few other excellent choices like the hot coconut chicken soup.

Aux Vivres

Location: 4631 Saint Laurent, Montreal QC, H2T1R2

This is one of the reputable organic vegan restaurants in Montreal. Nestled on the fashionable boulevard St. Laurent, Restaurant Aux Vivres specializes in serving innovative fresh organic vegan taste.

Aux Vivres is considered the big seller of the BLT wrap. Get big on taste replacing bacon with the smoked strips of the coconut. You can even choose to try out the Dragon Bowl consisting of brown rice, tofu, tahini and topped with fresh crisp vegetables.

Aux Vivres is great option for the health conscious food lovers. This vegan restaurant serves many cold and hot soup options, salads, chapattis, tasty sandwiches and even juices. Get some delicious toppings like hummus, tapenade and the roasted red peppers.

Spirite Lounge

Location: 1205 rue Ontario Est, Montreal

Another popular choice when it comes to select vegetarian restaurants in Montreal is Spirite Lounge. Surprisingly, there is no fixed menu. All meals served at this Montreal vegetarian restaurant are freshly cooked and served well. Meals differ from one day to the other. Well, if you’re not too picky, then Spirite Lounge can be a better option. You can complete your meal within $15.

Where to Look For Gluten Free Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

For the average person, finding out that he has food allergies or celiac disease automatically means some major changes in the way they eat. While this is necessary, you still have a pretty large variety of different food products that you can elect to use. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and have to now incorporate these changes, it is a pretty major readjustment. The lifestyles and eating choices of vegans and vegetarians are already healthy but somewhat restrictive, and to add more restrictions to this means that you must do some careful adjustment to get the nutrition and calories that you need.

When it comes to preparing your own meals, there can be many restraints and challenges that you will have to overcome to create some great recipes and tasty, nutritious fare. What about when you want to go out and eat, especially if you are going out with others, what are your choices with these dietary restrictions? Do you know where to look to find the gluten free vegan and vegetarian restaurants?

You can always be content to nibble on some nuts and berries, or perhaps a careful assortment of raw veggies could be ordered, but most people want and need something that is a little more substantial than this. If you look to the Asian restaurants, you are sure to find suitable listings of meal items that will fit your vegan, gluten free diet.

If you choose a Thai or Japanese restaurant you will be able to order rice noodles or enjoy some brown rice with veggies. If tamari sauce is used at the restaurant this will increase your choices to making selections from some of the dishes that also have sauce added. It will be impossible to find totally gluten free vegan and vegetarian restaurants that do not also offer many other acceptable types of dishes. You can even check out some of the Mexican restaurants, but don’t go to the chains though, you need to find the Mexican restaurants that can offer you real corn tortillas and you can fill these with veggies for a filling meal that is good for you too.